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In my approximately 17 years of being a computer dealer, I discovered what many people unfamiliar with technology needed to know: How to use their computer, all the basics.

So I have done some searching and found some lessons, tutorials and videos on Windows 7.

Windows 7: Here is the first two sections of tutorials.

All About Windows 7

Using Windows 7

Videos for Learning Windows 7
Note: By clicking on any title below, you will be taken to the video page where you may select the video that you wish.
Office Suites – Free Tutorials

Microsoft Office

  • Excel – Excel-Easy, free tutorials on excel spreadsheet

Softmaker Office – Free & Paid 

  • In my personal opinion as a somewhat laid-back Microsoft partner, Softmaker Office is easier for most and A LOT CHEAPER. You get to put it on 3 computers for only about $100. It is faster and easier to understand than all of the version from MS Office 7 and up. No ribbons. Just stationery menus which remain the same, so you can count on them. You can customize them but they stay the same unless you do. 


References: All the above help comes from the site GCF

Microsoft Office Windows Internet Basics Social Media Money Everyday Life

There are many more lessons there on Computers, Reading and Math, all free.

Here is the complete list

All Topics

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